Image by Neil Sparkes.

Image by Neil Sparkes.

A big THANK YOU goes to everyone who contributed toward last Saturday’s Open Day and Fundraising Art Auction. Both events were a tremendous success and would not have happened without the enthusiasm and generosity of our partners, contributors, sponsors, supporters and volunteers – Dreamland is firmly on the map and we are full steam ahead for a 2015 opening! 

During the day we welcomed over 2,300 lovely people to the Dreamland site in just three hours!  Plus a large contingent of classic and vintage vehicle enthusiasts gathered in the events area to show their support for Dreamland.

Image by Tracey Thompson: L to R Eliza, Edward and Min at Dreamland Open Day.

Image by Tracey Thompson: L to R Eliza, Edward and Min at Dreamland Open Day.

Generally traders in the old town reported a busier than usual mid-November Saturday and businesses along the seafront, toward the station, also benefitted from the extra footfall the Dreamland events created.

At the Open Day we registered around 160 volunteers and linked approximately 80 people to the Dreamland archive resulting in offers of photographs and recorded personal memories and histories.

Hundreds of people potted plants, took them home to nurture, and will return in 2014 to plant a garden for Dreamland.

We also collected thousands of peoples’ memories and thoughts on the comment board and luggage tags and have signed up volunteers for the next community engagement event, The Big Clear Day, on the 30 November 2013.

Image by Lee Eyles: Left to right: Michael Hogben, Brian Thomas, Vic Reeves, Paul Emin

Art Auction Image by Lee Eyles:
L to R Michael Hogben, Brian Thomas,
Vic Reeves, Paul Emin.

The celebrity fundraising art auction was a sell out and raised an estimated £25,000 (less costs) toward opening the Dreamland Visitor and Learning Centre spring 2014. We will publish the final figure and more photographs in the November newsletter.

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who made Saturday’s Open Day and Art Auction such memorable events, in particular…




Coombs   (Canterbury) Limited


East   Kent College

Premier   Flush

TW   Services

SFL   Construction Ltd


Wantsum   Brewery Ltd

IOT   Scaffolding Ltd

Michael   Moyles Builders

Bluebird   Coach

Morgan’s   of Margate

Pinball   Parlour

Madam   Popoff

Kentish   Pip






Sands   Hotel

Classics   for Occasions


Lighthouse   Bar

Outside   the Square

Age   & Sons

Belvidere   Place

Updown   Gallery

Keith   Grossmith

Paul   Jebka-Scuffins

More   than Yoga

Quex   Barn

Blue   Swift Gallery

Russell’s   of Clapton

Two   Spoons Catering

DBA   Editions

AG   Studios

Gadds   Brewery

Beachview   Guest House

Robin   Coates

Anne   Swift



Andy   Cannon

Claire   Blackwell

Claire   Budd

Dan   Thompson

David   Collard

Dom   Bridges

Harry   Heath

Jo   Bridges

Andrew   Baker, Daisy, Charlie and Anna

Mick   Tomlinson


Neil Sparkes

Roger Joyce

John   Cripps

Kapo   Kapucinski

Kate   Smith

Kelly   Whiting

Kiki   Case

Lee   Collier

Lucy   Austin

Mandy   Kapucinski

Gavin   Kapucinski

Suzannah   Foad

Mark   Hill

Mark   Stacey

Michael   Hogben

Pete   Heath

Raychel   Mount

Sarah   Vickery and Min

Stephen   Mina

Talma   Goy

Tamara   Shaddick

Roger   Sibley

Nick   Laister

Louise   Oldfield

 Lounge on the Farm

Theatre Royal’s cast of Cinderella

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