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HemingwayDesign have been appointed to create the look, feel, sound, smell and taste of a brand new, unique and quintessentially British visitor attraction in Kent.

Dreamland Margate will be the world’s first amusement park of thrilling historic rides with a wide appeal that “reaches out” to those that understand and immerse themselves in heritage and British culture, that stimulates lovers of the arts and design as well as families who just want a great day out with multi-generational appeal.

It will be a world class events venue that becomes the natural home in Britain for events and festivals that celebrate the history of popular British culture in terms of music, youth culture, film and design and the natural location choice for media, film and TV to cover these themes.

Dreamland will be a visual and sensual delight that has clearly been delivered by creative thinkers and designers and touched in every way and in every nook and cranny by the hands of artists and artisans. Every attraction, cafe, events space, component will have had creative input. The aim is that every aspect becomes a photo opportunity and a digital marketing tool.

We are delighted to invite you on this exciting journey with us!

To find out more and how you can be part of this extraordinary project come and meet the HemingwayDesign and The Dreamland Trust teams at 6pm on Wednesday 17 April 2013 in the Foyle Room, Turner Contemporary, Rendezvous, Margate CT9 1HG. Wayne Hemingway will present the initial ideas and there will be an open forum and the opportunity to talk to the teams about getting involved.

To register and secure your place email

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