Various roller coaster builders from around the world have been visiting Dreamland over the last few weeks as we await the deadline for opening the tenders for the rebuild of the Scenic Railway.

The Corbiere Wheel has now arrived on the Dreamland site and Garmendale is being appointed to lay out the Adult and Junior Whip and to place the Caterpillar in a watertight container.  The two whips will be stored ready for work to be carried out.

Meanwhile, the scaffolding work on the Cinema building is now complete and ready for contractors to begin work.  41 companies responded to our advertisement and 23 have submitted a tender.

The latest pictures of the work in progress from Dave Collard can be viewed on our gallery via  

Exciting times ahead, indeed as we eagerly wait to see who will be joining the Dreamland team next!


To tell Margate’s visitors about the work we are doing and the plans for the future Dreamland, The dreamland Trust has commissioned a 25m hoarding in front of the Marine Terrace Gap.  A sneak preview of the work in progress above – this is just a section of the hoarding.

The artwork is being designed by local firm, Designmap, and will be part of a wider promotion for this summer to include a set of special edition postcards, which will no doubt become collector’s items. The postcards will be available in the Visitor Information Centre, local businesses and the Thanet Gateway. 


I’m delighted to announce that Dreamland has been chosen to be the focus of an artist’s residency to create an artwork as part of the Kent Cultural Baton programme.

 The Kent Cultural Baton is a unique artwork, created by Nicole Mollet, using a rare 1950s American airstream to capture Kent’s hidden sights, sounds and stories as it travels around the region.

The Baton is touring the county in the period leading up to the London 2012 Games, to promote Kent’s cultural offer and celebrate both British and international culture.

The residency takes place 16 April – 27 May 2011 with a budget of £3,000.  For more information about the project and how to apply please contact directly or visit

And keeping in a creative mood, for one day only on Saturday 26 March, 2011 between 4-10pm Pavilion are presenting an extraordinary drive through exhibition on the Dreamland car park, a great opportunity for the community to enjoy this free, mobile gallery.  Full access, pay and display parking available.  For more information visit


Following the Conservative’s return to power in 1951 the work of ‘The King of the Saucy Postcard, Donald McGill, came into question when the government decided to crack down on Britain’s declining morals following the Second World War. 

Artwork and literature deemed to rude to view by committees of taste and decency was censored and it was the action of local prudes that led to the prosecution and burning of McGill’s postcards by the Margate magistrates court following a series of police raids. 

Dreamland Trust Board member and historian, Mandy Wilkins, has been working with Heritage Advisor, Nick Dermott and the British Cartoon Archive to exhibit McGill’s saucy postcards in the Margate magistrate’s court.  Members of the public will be able to examine and judge for themselves whether or not McGill’s postcards are too rude to view – and it’s all done in the best possible taste, of course!  Dates to be announced later this spring.  

Donald McGill courtesy of the British Cartoon Archive at the University of Kent

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