Kent County Council’s Arts development Unit, on behalf of the Kent Cultural Baton Board, wishes to appoint an Artist in Residence for Dreamland, Margate, as part of the Kent Cultural Baton programme. The residency will take place on selected dates between 16 April and 27 May 2011, to be negotiated. The complete budget is £ 3000. Deadline for proposals – Monday 4 April 2011.

The Kent Cultural Baton is a unique and innovative artwork devised and created by artist Nicole Mollett. It is a rare 1950s American airstream, adapted into a mobile creative space that can capture the sounds, visuals and stories of each ‘host’ place as it travels around Kent to reveal the ‘hidden’.

The Baton is revealing worlds within a world, bringing to light the character and textures that identify a place and make it distinctive.

The Baton is touring the county in the period leading up to the London 2012 Games, to promote the Kent region’s cultural offer and celebrate both British and international culture. Places, journeying, permanence and transience are all themes that thread through the Baton project.

The Residency programme offers artist’s space and time to explore and respond to ideas of ‘place’, through their own creative practice discovering what they see as the ‘hidden Kent’ and unearthing or creating stories from a range of sources that speak of Kent’s places, people and folklore.

Artists in residence may identify key features, histories and possibilities, and draw out the nature of the changing landscape. We are offering the Baton as a ‘mobile creative work space’ in MARGATE, KENT to engage communities, gather research, or create new work. Turner Contemporary will host the Baton throughout the residency.

The residency should centre upon Dreamland, which lies at the heart of Margate and for many generations was the premier amusement park in the South of England. The residency programme is open to artists working in any artform and collaborative proposals are welcomed.

The Kent Cultural Baton Board is looking to engender intercultural dialogue among artists and international applications are also welcomed. Please see the attached brief for more information.

To apply contact

For more information visit

Visit our gallery at to see the latest work in progress.

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